An alarming amount of Business, Organizations, Churches, Homes and Apartments don’t have an evacuation map/plan. Survey shows that even if they do, they are mostly illegible and pretty much ineffective.  

This nonchalant behavior seems to be hinged on the mistake most people make when it comes to disasters.  Hey, “it won’t happen to me!” Yup, we always assume we don’t really need these maps and plans until we do! Here in Wisconsin the trend is similar and out-right dangerous. Only a few businesses really see the need to upgrade or create an evacuation plan. The plans/maps are usually inexpensive (Get plans Here) relative to the value. Any amount of money spent to ensure the safety of people’s lives is well spent. But the stunning fact is, it doesn’t cost a lot. Depending on your building size (square foot) it may cost a couple executive lunches.

Another fact is, having an evacuation map/plan is an OSHA requirement. So, if you didn’t know, now you know. According to OSHA, an evacuation floor plan should show possible evacuation routes in the building. It’s color coded and uses arrows to indicate the designated exit. A building should have a primary exit, a secondary exit and a third exit. Contact us for a full guide on the details of the design criteria.

If you are a part of an organization, church, office or live in an apartment, be sure you to know the location of your evacuation map(s). Ask your building manager if they heard about SMART EVAP (Evacuation Smart Plan). These maps are animated and are available on your smart phone whenever and wherever needed. Get your SMART EVAP here.  Be safe!!

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