Evacuation Procedures

Fire and evacuation alarms are intended to alert building occupants that a fire or other life-threatening situation exists. Upon hearing the alarm, everyone should leave the building immediately. In the eve

nt of a fire, the following steps should be taken to ensure the safety of all building occupants: Activate the fire alarm. Call 911 immediately and provide information. Assist injured personnel or notify emergency responders of the medical emergency. Exit the building following emergency maps. Assist physically impaired individuals to a secure area and notify emergency responders. Ensure all personnel are out of the building. Do not use the elevators. Use a fire extinguisher only if safe to do so and you have been trained. Assemble personnel at a remote location noted on evacuation maps. Report hazardous conditions. Stay low if confronted with smoke. Check closed doors for heat before opening. Stay away from the building until it is safe to return.


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